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Contact us for exclusive invitations to the launch of our first prehab clinic in July 2024, with fertility bootcamps scheduled from October 2024.

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Our Team

Grant Munro – Founding Director

Grant Munro has 30+ years experience creating award-winning design solutions for some of the world’s leading tech brands, including Microsoft, Samsung, and Adobe. Grant has taught design courses and supervised undergraduate and postgraduate research students in Design, Architecture, Environmental Psychology, and Digital Health. Grant regularly work with social scientists, policy researchers and tech startups to help guide the future design of next generation health technologies. Grant is also Fellow at the National Institute of Health Innovation, a pioneering NZ-based health research unit committed to prototyping impactful health apps to empower wellbeing at scale.

Javed Khattak – Technology Lead

Javed is a qualified actuary (FIA), an award-winning C-suite executive, a board member and a successful serial entrepreneur with a breadth of experience, leading complex programmes within both start-ups and large corporate organisations with market cap of over £100 billion, including advising and working with senior management of FTSE100 companies and global household brands like HSBC, Thomson Reuters, GSK, M&S, Aviva, PwC and PA Consulting Group. Awarded ‘2018 CFO of the Year’ by Wealth & Finance Magazine Named ‘top 20 biggest names of 2017 behind ICOs’ by StockHax.

Useful Links is an ecommerce platform offering tox-free products and services to help people minimise the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on healthcare and fertility outcomes.


Longevity.Technology delivers daily healthspan news and insights on the fast-growing healthspan market including biotechnology, investment, anti-ageing therapies and research. provides a wide range of diagnostic tests, with or without a physician’s approval, empowering you to take control of your healthcare costs and monitor your overall health.