Family on hold?

Protect Your Legacy

We're launching the UK's first Longevity Bank this July. It's a great chance to optimise your young cells today for a brighter family future. Join the waiting list now for an exclusive invite.

Grant MunroFounder,



$125 billion is wasted every year from outdated cryobanks.

2 billion people are denied life-affirming therapies as a result.

Our mission is to change that.

Fertility Optimisation

Fertility Light Therapy stimulates egg and sperm production using 800nm near-infrared wavelengths.

£60 per 20 min session

Mind Enhancement

Cognitive Light Therapy boosts cellular, mental and memory function using 630nm red wavelengths.

£40 per 20 min session

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Light Therapy reduces acne, fine lines and psoriasis using 630nm red wavelengths.

£50 per 20 min session

Hair Regeneration

Hair Light Therapy stimulates hair growth using 650nm red/830nm near-infrared wavelengths.

£40 per 20 min session


Dry storage formula eradicates cold-chain logistics which lowers environment impact.


Verified clinic network personalise decision-making to optimise diverse patient options.


50% reduction in cell storage and management costs get passed on to platform members.

Safe & Secure

Blockchain encryption of user data ensures platform use is secure and safe for everyone.